Training Land Use Change Accounting

Available on demand

The Land Use Change (LUC) Accounting training is a 4-hour, interactive session around the topic of Land Use Change and how we can adequately account for it. The training offers you context, background information, and critical perspectives on the methodological choices and challenges related to LUC accounting.

What topics will be covered?

After a general introduction of the topic, there is elaborated on the methodology that is used in our LUC Impact tool, and on methodological considerations that have to be taken into account. Next, we explore some critical notes, for example on “LUC free certificates” and proposed “solutions” to LUC. Finally there is given an explanation and comparison of alternative methods to land use change accounting, for example on carbon opportunity costs. The training also includes a short demonstration of the LUC Impact tool.

During the session there is a lot of room (about 1,5 hours) to ask questions and open discussions. The topic of these discussions can be initiated by us, or can be requested by you based on what’s relevant for you, for example topics related to your current projects.


Online - or on location

Follow the training where ever you are located.
On location only in The Netherlands and for an additional fee.

Interactive session

Created to allow time for all your questions, elaborate on statements and have interesting and relevant discussions.
Topics can be initiated by us or by yourself.

Available upon request

Available upon your request, scheduled based on availability and possibility to personalize the topics.

Practical details

Number of participants

1 to 8


4 hours

Price per session


(Prices are excluded VAT)

Your trainers

Lisanne de Weert
Senior Consultant | Blonk Consultants

Lisanne graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. Within Blonk she works on projects related to sustainable nutrition assessment and food and biobased LCAs. Besides that, she is experienced in the development of carbon footprint tools and automated LCAs. She is product owner of the LUC Impact tool and is our expert on the topic of land use change accounting.

Iana Salim
Consultant | Blonk Consultants

Iana has a master's degree in industrial ecology and a PhD in LCA of agricultural crops and bio-based products. Within Blonk, she works as a consultant on projects in the area of sustainable agriculture and animal systems. She is also involved in the development of standards related to field emissions from agriculture and land use change

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Get in touch

Megan Jasson
Senior Business Development and Sales Consultant | Blonk

Please contact Megan if you want more information on this training, or if you are interested in a license for the LUC Impact Tool.