10 Jul 2017

LCA Food database update

Agri-footprint 3.0 available in SimaPro and openLCA

In recent years we have observed a growing interest in the availability of consistent agri-food data, probably because the food system makes a major contribution to various environmental problems. In 2009 Blonk Consultants started developing the Agri-footprint® LCA Food database to improve the transparency of information and facilitate a faster transition to sustainable food supply chains. Agri-footprint® offers footprint and LCA experts reliable data for use in environmental assessments. We are continually improving the Agri-footprint tool and adding data. From this summer Agri-footprint® 3.0 is available in openLCA and SimaPro.

LCA software: SimaPro & openLCA

We are delighted to announce that Agri-footprint® 3.0 is available in SimaPro as well as openLCA (expected: August 2017). This means that more experts will be able to access the valuable data in Agri-footprint® to use in their environmental assessments. Agri-footprint® has now become the prime international LCA Food database and is widely acknowledged and valued by the food industry, LCA experts, the scientific community and governments.

Access to Agri-footprint® - LCA database

Agri-footprint 3.0 is beschikbaar in openLCA en SimaPro.

Agri-footprint 3.0 – webinars

Agri-footprint® 3.0 contains more than 5,000 products and processes. Recently added products and processes include the production of pesticides, the production of capital goods and company specific data.

We would like to inform you personally about the latest developments and will be holding several free webinars in September. During these webinars you will not only learn more about Agri-footprint 3.0, but also about the pitfalls of agri-food LCAs – and how to avoid them.

The webinars are free, however registration is required.
Agri-footprint 3.0 & openLCA
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Agri-footprint 3.0 & SimaPro

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