11 Jul 2017

Greenco CSR

Carbon Footprint of Tommies Snack Tomatoes

This spring Blonk Consultants carried out a carbon footprint study of Tommies Snack Tomatoes. Tommies is a brand name of Greenco, an international grower and packer of snack vegetables. Under the Tommies brand name, Greenco sells a range of snack vegetables through various channels. The carbon footprint is an integral part of Greenco’s CSR policy, as recently presented in its CSR Annual Report. The analysis gives Greenco valuable information and pointers on how to reduce the carbon footprint of its snack tomatoes.

Evidence base for reducing the carbon footprint

The six Greenco locations in the Netherlands where Tommies snack tomatoes are grown were audited and analysed for energy use, material use and transport. This quantitative analysis gives a good indication of the carbon footprint of all stages in the supply chain. The results give Greenco a solid evidence base from which to take measures to reduce the carbon footprint of Tommies snack tomatoes.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a measure of emissions that contribute to climate change. It is the sum of all the greenhouse gases released from a production system. The carbon footprint is expressed as CO2 equivalents and is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA).

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More information

If you have any questions or want to know the climate impact of your own products, please contact Jasper Scholten (jasper@blonkconsultants.nl).