19 Jun 2024

Sharpen your skills with expert trainings for Agri-food Environmental Footprinting  

Footprinting training for the agri-food sector

In today's agri-food industry, managing your environmental footprint is more important than ever. The impact on global resources is now widely recognized, influencing consumer behavior and driving legislation like CSRD and CSDD. For long-term success, it's crucial to train your teams to understand and minimize your organization’s footprint.

As experts with 25+ years in the agri-food sustainability sector, we are well equipped to support you in your transition towards a more sustainable future. We have developed a comprehensive set of trainings which are specific to agri-food environmental footprinting.

Our footprinting training offering

Our trainings blend theory, hands-on exercises, and case studies. They will provide you and your team with practical and actionable knowledge to support you in implementing footprinting practices into your work.

#1: Foundations of Agri-food LCA 

A guide through all the steps required to perform an LCA.
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#2: Corporate footprinting for Agri-food companies

Gain a deep understanding of your GHG emissions. 
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#3: Land Use Change Accounting 

Calculating greenhouse gas emissions from land use change.
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#4: Animal product systems 

Specialist training focused on on-farm production of animals.
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#5: Crop cultivation 

Specialist session on LCAs of crop cultivation.
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#6: Sustainable nutrition: farm to fork 

Specialist session focused on defining healthy & sustainable diets.
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What will it bring you?

After completing the training(s) you will:

  • Have a good understanding of the environmental footprinting landscape and current developments in the agri-food sector;

  • Know how to implement footprinting in your organization;

  • Have access to specialized training materials which can be used within your organization;

  • Receive a certificate of completion.

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