1 Apr 2020

Meet our new team member: Björn Kok

Björn Kok - Consultant

During the coronavirus outbreak the Blonk Consultants team will be working from home. We remain easy to reach online and by telephone and are ready to meet your needs. Together with our clients and partners we continue to work for a sustainable and healthy world. And so once again we welcome a new colleague to our team. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Björn Kok, who started work with us on 16 March – from home.

Björn Kok


"Since doing volunteer work in Surinam, my goal has been to make a contribution to a more sustainable world. This was my motivation for taking the bachelor’s course in Aquatic Ecotechnology at HZ University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, specialising in water quality and water treatment. I concluded my bachelor’s with a research project into the potential for recovering valuable substances from the residual water after extracting protein from plant biomass. I then took a master’s degree in Sustainable Development, Energy and Materials at Utrecht University. During my master’s course I concentrated on quantitative analytical methods and modelling applied to sustainable fish production, and more specifically to the use of feed. For my thesis I carried out research into how trends in European fish farming have influenced the use of raw materials and the sustainability of alternative feed ingredients in the future.

Understanding the complex food chain and making it more sustainable is a fascinating challenge and I will be doing my part towards meeting that challenge as a consultant at Blonk Consultants. Besides my work at Blonk I’m a keen camper, walker, swimmer and diver."

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Björn Kok
Medior Consultant

Björn is part of the Consultants team. Besides that, he also doing a PhD at the University of Stirling, where he studies the environmental impacts of aquaculture, with a focus on novel feed ingredients.