30 Mar 2017

NEW: Webinar Series

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in agricultural & food products

Dates: 12, 14, 22 & 28 June 2017

Location: online


  • Are you new in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)?
  • Are you interested in the balance between environmental impact and nutritional value of food?
  • Do you want to increase your skills in life cycle assessments and the understanding of sustainable diets?
  • Or are you engaged in complex environmental analyses of agricultural and food products?


Join our live webinar series!

Update your knowledge easily and fast with our webinar series! Readily from your computer or tablet at home or from your office. No travel time, opportunity to revisit the webinars and have access to all course materials online at any time.
This training is a perfect start to gain a better understanding of Life Cycle Assessment.


Educational sessions

In 4 sessions, of approximately 1.5 hours, our LCA experts will take you step by step through the LCA landscape, from theory towards methodological standards and recent developments in the work field. Of course there is plenty of room for discussions and questions, during Q&A sessions.
The webinar series also includes an interesting individual assignment, which will help you to gain a deep understanding of the daily practice of LCA.


  • 4 interactive online sessions of 1.5 hours;
  • Online access to all webinars, presentations, hand-outs, Excel templates & assignments;
  • If you book the complete course you will receive 1 hour of individual follow-up coaching by one of our experts
  • Certificate of participation

More information about the sessions

Session 1: Landscape of food LCAs

Monday 12th of June (start 10:00 AM, CET)
We will start with an interactive quiz. Then we will take you through the recent history of food LCAs, existing guidelines and standards. We will wrap up with demonstrating what makes LCAs of agricultural products relatively complex.

Session 2: Principles of LCA methodology

Wednesday 14th of June (start 10:00 AM, CET)
Step by step we will take you through an LCA, using enlightening examples on the crucial decisions that need to be taken when performing an LCA. After session 2 you will get an individual assignment. You will need approximately 4 hours to complete this assignment in between sessions 2 and 3.

Session 3: Discussing the assignment: Environmental performance of milk

Thursday 22nd of June (start 10:00 AM, CET)
You will have the chance to ask questions while we walk you through the assignment. After session 3 you will receive an article to read. It is your task to interpret the results and comment on the decisions taken by the authors.

Session 4: Interpretation of LCA results

Wednesday 28th of June (start 10:00 AM, CET)
We will demonstrate how correct interpretation of the results will improve the quality and robustness of the LCA, using the article you have read.

Individual follow-up session

Included in the complete course: 1 hour of individual coaching by one of our experts.

Your investment

It is recommended to join the complete course. If you like to focus on a specific topic you can also choose one or two sessions which seems to be the most interesting to you.

Cost overview

  • Per session: € 175,00 (ex. VAT)
  • Complete course - All 4 sessions: € 600,00 (ex. VAT)*
*This includes 1 hour of individual follow-up coaching by one of our experts.


If you register with two or more persons of your organisation you will receive a discount. Please contact us for further details.

More information & registration

Deadline for registration is 26th of May 2017

Meet the trainers

During the webinar series our LCA experts will take you step by step through the LCA landscape.

More information?

Do you have questions about this Webinar Series?
Please get in touch with Roline Broekema, senior consultant.