5 May 2022

Team Blonk welcomes Charlotte

Meet our new colleague

Our team is growing, and we are very pleased to announce Charlotte joined team Blonk over the past month. She strengthens our consultant's team. We warmly welcome Charlotte and are happy to introduce her to you. Let’s meet Charlotte!

Charlotte Westbroek


One thing that always sparks my interest is food. Not only eating it, but also the technology and processes behind it and how we can improve this. So, for me there was only one way to go, Wageningen University to study Food Technology where I specialized in Sustainable Food Process Engineering. A way to really make food more sustainable is looking at the bigger picture. To gain more knowledge on the whole Food Supply Chain, I did a second MSc in Operations Research and Logistics focusing on agri-food chains.

These days sustainability is a hot topic and not only as an individual we can make a difference, companies and organizations need to take a lead in this as well. Blonk supports organizations understand their environmental impact. Therefore, I am very happy that I got the opportunity to join the Blonk team as a Sustainability Consultant and I am really looking forward to contributing towards a more sustainable future.

Besides my work at Blonk, I follow Goldsmithing courses to master the art of jewelry making. I also enjoy outdoor sports, reading a book and exploring new places.