Agri-footprint Branded Data Add-ons

Agri-footprint branded data are brand-specific add-ons to the Agri-footprint database. Whereas Agri-footprint contains a wide range of average data on agricultural commodities, branded data is company- or brand specific life cycle impact data. Disclosed by companies themselves, calculated with a share of primary data this branded data helps companies to make the environmental performance of their products visible and share it with stakeholders. Furthermore, it allows users to see the environmental impacts of alternatives compared to those of the average product.

Qualitative, credible data

Two of our core values at Blonk are quality and transparency. Becoming connected to the Agri-footprint database means disclosing environmental impact data as an add-on to a highly valued database in the scientific world. To make sure that the quality and consistency of the database is safeguarded, we have set up minimum requirements for branded data add-ons. For example, a certain minimum amount of primary data is required to be represented in the LCA calculations. Also, the branded data add-ons have to be critically reviewed by an LCA expert. We make sure that add-ons are credible and transparent - just like the Agri-footprint database itself.


Being transparent about the impact of your product is one of the first steps towards a more sustainable agri-food value chain. Disclosing the environmnental footprint of your product makes it visible to crucial stakeholders.



Quality and transparency are at the heart of Blonk. We ensure that all branded data is  qualitatively compatible with the Agri-footprint database.


As an add-on to Agri-footprint, it is likely that the average equivalent of the branded product is available for benchmarking. What is the environmental performance of branded products?

Example case

Donau Soja discloses environmental data of soybeans

Donau Soja is keen to disclose their environmental impact data to facilitate a rapid transition to more sustainable European protein value chains. Therefore, Blonk Consultants conducted a Life Cycle Assessment of Donau Soja / Europe Soya certified soybeans from four different countries: Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania. The LCA datasets are now available as Agri-footprint Branded Data Add-ons and can be downloaded for free from the Blonk Tool Portal.

Example case

Environmental footprint of certified sustainably produced Brazilian soy

ProAgros asked Blonk Consultants to prepare an environmental footprint of soybeans grown by a Brazilian soy producing group certified under the Sustainable Farming Assurance Programme (SFAP). The carbon footprint of this soy is 0.27 CO2-eq per kg soybeans, 24% lower than the average carbon footprint of Brazilian soy.

Accessing branded data

What's in it for me?

Insight in alternative products

Get insight in the environmental impacts of branded products and compare them to the average values in Agri-footprint.

Input for R&D

Better understanding of the impacts of products and their branded equivalents, leading to more insight in impact reduction potential of your product.

Easy to use & free

Downloads are available for free as CSV for SimaPro and calculated impacts in Excel. The add-ons are always supported by background documentation.

Disclosing your impact data

What's in it for me?

Contributing to a sustainable value chain

Transparency on environmental impact of food/feed ingredients is the first step of making the agricultural value chains more sustainable.

Becoming affiliated with Agri-footprint

Agri-footprint is the prime source of accurate and up-to-date environmental data on agri-products worldwide. Internationally recognized by the food industry, LCA community, the scientific community and governments. 

Showing your performance and progress

Benchmarking to the average product in Agri-footprint, you can show your environmental performance to stakeholders such as clients, suspects, or R&D managers.

Disclosing your data

How does it work?

If you have already done a Life Cycle Impact Assessment of your products, you have valuable information stored. Disclosing your data through our platforms will ensure its visibility- and easy access to the right stakeholders. The data add-ons will become available through the Blonk Tool Portal, as an Excel download as well as a CSV file. This makes it easy to use either with- or without LCA software. We share the availability of these branded datasets through all our communication channels. We have an extensive network of sustainability experts from the food industry, governmental bodies, consultants and academics, who are always looking for the best data available.

If your LCA or environmental impact data is already generated, we will first conduct a quality assessment. With this assessment we review the extent to which your data is based on primary data, and we ensure it is compliant to relevant calculation standards, so it can rightfully serve as an add-on to our high quality Agri-footprint database.

If you are interested, but you don’t have insight in your environmental data yet, contact us to discuss the opportunities.


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Team Manager

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