Training Environmental Footprinting of Food Value Chains

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The Environmental Footprinting training is an excellent opportunity to learn everything about calculating the impact of food products along the entire value chain. It may be your first time learning about life cycle assessment (LCA), or you want to refresh your knowledge or deepen your understanding of a specific food-related topic.

Our experts introduce you to the topic of environmental footprinting, but go in-depth quickly. Like this, the training is suitable for most backgrounds and offers great value for both beginners as well as more experienced sustainability experts.

Introductory & In-depth

Start from scratch and go in-depth quickly, including topic-specific specialist sessions tailored to your interests

Interactive sessions

Plenty of time for discussions, questions, examples, and assignments

Available on demand

Subject to availability 

What topics are covered


First, our experts introduce you to Environmental Footprinting and LCA, their role in sustainability efforts, and current developments. We then dive further into the step-by-step methodology of LCA, and we discuss different frameworks and guidelines. We also explore methodological developments, such as carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

Finally, you can choose between various Specialist Sessions: Arable Crops and Horticulture, Animal Production Systems, and Retail & Novel Foods. You will dive deeper into the more advanced methodological topics and latest developments. Case studies, practical examples, and an assignment will further illustrate and substantiate the topics covered in this training.

Setup of the training


The training exists of a minimum of three sessions. The first two are meant as the "core" of the training: they are the same for everyone. In the next session(s), you will dive deeper into a more specific product category, the one(s) most relevant to you.

Each session is held on a seperate day of the week, and lasts 3-4 hours.

Day 1 - session 1
Landscape of Environmental Footprinting in the Agri-food sector

In this section you will learn about the main principles of environmental footprinting and LCA. We will dive into questions like: what are the main drivers for sustainability and what is the role of life cycle environmental management? What are the current developments in EU context and policy-making, with regards to for instance the EU Green Deal, “Green Claims” and the EU Farm-to-Fork strategy? We will also demonstrate case studies of companies that embrace LCA in their sustainability strategy.

Day 2 - session 2
Landscape of Environmental Footprinting in the Agri-food sector

In this section, you will be introduced to the step-by-step methodology of LCA and to the differences between ISO compliant LCA studies and PEF studies. You will deepen your understanding through examples of crucial, sometimes controversial decisions that need to be taken when performing an LCA. We will also outline limitations that are often encountered when performing an LCA. Finally, you will explore methodological developments on topics such as carbon sequestration, plastic soup, and biodiversity. This session includes an assignment.

Day 3-5 - specialist sessions
One or more topics of choice

We offer specialist sessions in the topics:

  • Arable crops and horticulture
  • Animal production systems
  • Farm to Fork analysis 

Meet the trainers

Our experts

Over the years Blonk Consultants has become the leading specialist in LCA and footprinting of food and agricultural products. Our experts have considerable experience in this field and are pleased to share their knowledge with you.


Elena Koukouna
Freelance consultant

Elena is a sustainability consultant with an educational background in industrial engineering and ecology. She has experience in consulting multinational and international companies on achieving business competitiveness while placing sustainability in the front-line. She is an expert in performing life cycle assessments. She is also very skilled in developing learning material and providing trainings to professionals.

Jasper Scholten
Director Consultancy

Jasper has over 12 years of experience in consultancy and research with regards to environmental and sustainability issues of food production systems. He graduated in Animal Sciences and Animal Production Systems from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. At Blonk Jasper manages the consulting department, which includes LCA studies, development of LCI databases, (ISO critical) LCA reviews and LCA standard development, such as Production Environmental Footprint (PEF).






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