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Smart solutions to evaluate the environmental impact of agri-food systems

At Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk, we have a unique team of developers, modeling specialists, and experts in life cycle assessment. Our diverse team supports organizations and companies in many different ways. Developing tailored software or tools is one of our smart solutions to create long-lasting value for you. A custom-made tool for your organization and situation lets you, for example, repeatedly perform footprinting calculations. 

Find some examples of tools we have previously developed for our clients below. If you want to learn more about what's possible for your organization, don't hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of our work

Tailored tools

Automated CO2-footprint calculations for Albert Heijn

For Albert Heijn, a Dutch retailer, we utilize various Environmental Footprinting Modules to support them with largescale data collection among 600+ farmers globally, and consistent product footprint calculations of specific fruit and vegetable products. Eventually, the insights, gathered within this project, will empower Albert Heijn to set up meaningful emission reduction programs, improve their supply chain, and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Growing Media Europe LCA platform

In 2019 Blonk started a project for Growing Media Europe (GME), the European association of growing media producers, to set up a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) platform, making it easy and accessible for their members and any other stakeholder to measure and improve the environmental footprint of growing media products. The GME LCA platform is an online tool that brings together the Growing Media Environmental Footprint Guidelines (GMEF guidelines) and an LCA database.

Understanding Avebe’s environmental product performance

Avebe is a cooperative of starch potato growers focusing on extracting starch and proteins from potatoes. Avebe’s customers use these ingredients in food products and cattle food or industrial applications. Sustainability is an important objective for Avebe. Blonk Consultants worked with Avebe to develop a life cycle assessment (LCA) model to calculate the environmental footprint of each product in the company's portfolio.

What is the CO2-footprint of Dutch fruit?

Blonk developed a carbon footprint tool for the Dutch fruit sector. This tool offers Dutch fruit growers insights into the total carbon footprint of fruit production and the contribution of the various cultivation stages. The tool also shows improvement opportunities, such as changing to electric vehicles, generating green energy, or reducing pesticide use. The tool is developed in Excel and is available for apples, pears, redcurrants, blackberries, cherries, and plums.

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